June 24th, 2023

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On Wednesday I completed my series on Crypto and the Changing World Order: My 9 week introduction to Crypto-currency and Ray Dalio's argument for the rise of China and Fall of America (on a long time horizon).

Now that this introduction is complete, I want to break down what you can expect from me going forward.

Saturdays: Demystified

Every Saturday I will send an article breaking down all the recent news in the crypto and AI space, along with the market segments I am focusing on and the projects I am looking to invest in.

Staying up to date on the Crypto market can be time consuming, and for most of us, overwhelming.

This weekly newsletter will take all of the recent news and turn it into an article you can read in 5-10 minutes. And it will be broken into the following sections:

  1. News: What is happening in the crypto world (is the SEC trying to kill it?)
  2. Projects and Tokens: Where should I focus my time (and money?)
  3. Top Tweets and Links of the week.

These posts will be for newsletter subscribers only.

Articles and Series

Along with the weekly content, I will be sending long form articles and series (which will also be available on my blog). These will come out semi-regularly, and dive into deeper topics such as:

  1. Is China really on track to replace the United States as the primary World Power? (What did Dalio leave out of his study?)
  2. How I used Minto's Pyramid and hooks to make a boring series (about crypto) more engaging for readers.
  3. Tactics to overcome the emotional self that is sabotaging your trading.
  4. Active trading protocols: Using hedges rather than stop-losses to make more intelligent trades and mitigate unnecessary risks.
  5. Artificial Intelligence: Deflationary technology
  6. Using KPI's properly, in Crypto and in Life.
  7. Human Nature In Trading: What price action tells us about ourselves
  8. Why the Stripper index may be our best leading indicator on market conditions.

And much, much more.

I will see you next Saturday for the first newsletter.
In the mean time, I have a free gift for you as a thank you for being a subscriber:

Free Gift

Harvard Business Review writes a “top ten” series of books that includes their top articles on specific subjects.

The books are a good value. however, I have a car size stack of unread books in my house, so I tracked down the articles inside and listed them for easy (and free) reading.

Here is my list for their book, "HBR: On Emotional Intelligence"

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