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Who am I?

My name is Connor Norvell. In 2011, my parents needed a website. I learned how to make a website using Joomla, and created 4 sites for them within 2 months. 5 years later I have taken 60+ courses on web development, graphic design, film making, and photography, I've made 40+ websites, 25+ logos, and am still learning everyday.
I have a great passion for design, so I learned to make a thousand dollars look like a million dollars.



Simply put, I'll let you know if your product is any good. I am what they call an "idea man". So if you need help deciding if your product will work, reach out! I have been studying startups for the better part of a decade



I have been making websites for over 5 years. If you need a website for your business (or personally), I am your man. I specialize in solving problems with design. If you like my work, reach out!



I have designed over 30 logos, and taken many courses on logo design and typography. I specialize in minimalist, modern logos, But will work with you on whatever you throw at me!


Other Design Work

I have created Business cards, Apparel design, posters, wedding invitations, and many other things. If you have an un-categorized project you need someone to work on, I'm your guy. Reach out and I'll see what I can do.



If you need a music video, commercial, training video, or anything in between, I can help! I have directed, DP'd, and done lighting and sound for over 20 videos. Whether you need a video personally, or need help filming for a client, I can lend a helping hand.



If you're needing head shots, product photography, print ad material, or anything else, I can help! I have been featured over 5 times on Flickr, have done multiple weddings, and taken photos for startups selling their first product.

Current Projects

Created: September 2016 - Present

Location: Oklahoma City, OK


Invoice Me is the lightning fast invoicing tool for freelancers. Simply make an invoice, send it to your client, and get paid. it all gets saved to your hard drive. No accounts, no frills, completely free.
Invoiceme.io started as a 48hr project. Now its a working product, and I am providing it for free. I have big plans for this project, and it will continue to grow.

Created: March 2015 - Present

Location: Brooklyn, NY


I was hired by EVO Athletics to market their company, and create all of their advertisements, including: Film commercials, Print Ads, and social marketing material. I have also designed their business cards, document headers, and worked on the packaging material for the Aercase. Working with a medium sized team to kickstart a company has been a very rewarding experience, and I continue to learn a lot working with EVO and the members on other projects.
I also work for them as a creative consultant, and am currently their Art Director

Created: December 2011 - Present

Location: Bixby, OK


I have made and manage all of their websites, some of which are static, others dynamic with content being added weekly or monthly, and 2 private network sites. I have also created business cards, and some apparel design. and collaborated in making their logo. I also have produced Video teachings for them in a self made studio.

Selected Past Projects


Keith Stone is a blues musician from NOLA. He needed a website to sell his music from, show tour dates, update everyone on his new album being recorded, and share media from his live performances. I built his website using squarespace, to allow him to easily update the website himself, and for optimal performance. Keith has since been featured on www.downbeat.com

Created: October 2015

Location: New Orleans, LA


Chris Stewart is a worship artist in Tulsa who needed a website to market his albums and tours.
I built the website using squarespace so that the client could blog from his phone if need be, and easily manage the website himself. I also filmed a behind the scenes video of the making of his latest album "awe".

Created: November 2014

Location: Tulsa, OK


Sarah Peters is an author living in Bixby Oklahoma. She needed a website that she could market her books from, post news, blog updates, and a number of other things. I used squarespace to make this website so she could easily update the website herself.

Created: January 2015

Location: Bixby, OK

Working on something big?

I put a lot of energy into my products, If you are looking to change the world, build a company, or just sell some T-shirts, I would love to be a part of it.
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